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Ms. Race brings to the business diverse experience in the design and conduct of large national-level studies and community-based projects in a variety of venues. As needed, she will bring to a project additional expertise through collaborating with credentialed and experienced colleagues. For example, we have worked with The Study Group, Inc., where we served as a subcontractor to the National Center for Improving Science Education/WestEd on a multiple-year evaluation of the CETPA-PA project. We have served as a subcontractor to Belle Brett,Ed.D. in her work with CityYear, Inc. and she served as a subcontractor to us in our early evaluation work with the Cristo Rey Network of schools. And we have worked with Linda Hudson who has helped create the graphics used to represent the program models that we have developed as well as the graphics presented in this website.

Examples of evaluations from various venues include:


  • Evaluation of the Teaching Evolution through Human Examples (TEtHE) program
  • Outcomes-based Evaluation of a Hybrid After-school, Outreach Program
  • Evaluation of a Technology Use-Enhanced Program to Facilitate Inclusive Learning
  • Evaluation of Science Literary Programs at Informal Science Institutional Settings for Elementary and Secondary School Teachers and Pre-service Teachers
  • Evaluation of MBRS-SCORE/RISE, MARC and MHIRT programs at Select Universities across the Country
  • Evaluation of a Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation
  • Evaluation of a Private Network of High Schools
  • Documenting In-classroom Support and Coaching Activities of a Professional Development Program Directed Toward School-wide Change
  • Assessment of the Psychometric Properties (Reliability and Validity) of Teacher and Student Attitude Toward Instructional Strategies and Classroom Pedagogy Used in Outcomes-based Evaluations
  • Evaluation of a Program Designed to Increase Skills of Mathematics and Science, Public High-School Teachers
  • Evaluation of a Physical Science Initiative that Combines Endorsement and a Graduate Degree for Public, Middle-school Teachers

Health Care

  • Reliable Measure of Breast Self-Examination (BSE) Attitudes and Performance Barriers
  • Assessing Adolescent Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Effects of Lactation Education on Breastfeeding Practice
  • Access to Health Care for Hispanics in a Suburban Setting

Social Service

  • Social Justice and Refugee Resettlement: Evaluating Factors Associated with Early Employment.
  • Volunteer Services: Needs Profile and Assessment in a Community-based Organization
  • Rehabilitation Program Evaluation: Use of Focus Groups to Empower Clients
  • Focus Groups: A Tool for Consumer-based Program Evaluation in Rehabilitation Agency Settings.
  • Analytic Support to the City Year Inc. Evaluation of Their Whole School Whole Child Program

Safety and Health

  • Evaluating the Utility of a Self-assessment Profile for Use with Problem Driver Populations.
  • Evaluating Organizational Safety Climate: Reliable Measure of Employee Perceptions
  • Comprehensive Approach to Employee Occupant Protection Programs: A Pilot Program and Evaluation
  • Assessing Treatment Fidelity among Evaluated and Non-evaluated Workplace Safety-belt Programs.
  • Using Evaluation Research in Development of a National Pedestrian Safety Program
  • Evaluative Assessment of Public Fire Education Programs for Low Income Urban Residents
  • Exploration of Impact Measures of Safety Belt Use Laws
  • Evaluation and Politics: The Case of Mandatory Safety-belt Use Laws

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

  • Quality Assessment in Nursing Home Facilities.
  • Psychometric Evaluation of an Inpatient Psychiatric Care Satisfaction Survey
  • Revalidation of the Physician Office Visit Survey
  • Assessing Patient Satisfaction across the Continuum of Ambulatory Care
  • Employee Satisfaction in Australia: Validating the Employee Perspective Survey
  • Validating the Emergency Department Patient Satisfaction Survey Tool based on the Australian Experience
  • Patient Satisfaction in Australia: Validating the Day Surgery Survey
  • Assessing Patient Satisfaction in Australia: Validating the Inpatient Survey Tool
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