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Who We Are

A certified woman-owned, certified small business that offers a full range of program evaluation and applied research services. We specialize in outcomes-based program evaluation, survey research, operations research, and research-based problem solving.

What We Do

Design and conduct outcomes-based program evaluations with focus on program theory-driven evaluations. Design and conduct applied research (for example, large national-level studies, health care research, education and human services program evaluation, customer satisfaction assessment). Conduct surveys including the design and assessment of psychometric properties (i.e., reliability and construct validity). Experienced in quantitative methods. Conduct focus groups and use other qualitative methods.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high-quality, timely program evaluation and applied research services to facilitate informed decision making by organizations.

Vision Statement

Through judicious use of data, well-designed program evaluation research and strategic planning, our services help organizations realize their goals of providing effective and efficient programs and services to their target audiences.

Program theory-based evaluations    Surveys supported by psychometrics
Use of mixed methods
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